Nikon D750 short and dirty review

Well i did it, i got rid of my Nikon D800 and picked up the Nikon D750. Within the first few minutes i was completely blow away by the lack of noise and how much light the sensor actually picks up. Just to give you a little insight into where my first shots were taken. I was in a dark 12×12 room with one light. The light was behind my 27 inch monitor, so the only light in the room was the light spilling out from behind my monitor and the monitor itself. It was pretty dark in there and i have tried to take pics before with some other cameras. It did not turn out well. However i went ahead and cranked the ISO to 10,000 (i have never used 10K iso in my life and got anything good out of it). Anyway so i cranked it to 10K and set my shutter to 100 and my F stop to 1.8. First i noticed how fast it actually focused on his eye with such little light. Impressed… Then i snapped a few shots. Wow.. wheres the noise? There is none, at least that i see. I mean lets be real, sure there is noise but holy moly, super snazzy. If you can afford it, get one. If not, sale a child orNuff said.


It's time to leave


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I think shall be checking out the Nikon d7200 next.